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A site, written by a young woman, who believes that the two simplest pleasures in life are literature and music. A once-in-awhile look into a folk-loving, pop-culture obsessed, book nerd's mind.

Fall Song of the Day: Explanation and Jake Bugg

I’m having the hunch that Jake Bugg is “the next big thing.” Okay, so he’s already a hit in Britian, but all of the coolest musicians are and have to “break” America. My local alternative radio station (shout-out CD 102.5) … Continue reading

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London Journal, Entry Two

Music fills the streets. On the right corner is a man with an accordion and a missing tooth. On the bank of the Thames stands a girl playing a keyboard and harmonizing with the sounds of the lapping waves. On … Continue reading

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She Speaks on: Inspiration and Being Thankful!

My dearest followers, family, and friends… Thank you so much for sticking with SLSRSS during my time studying abroad and the start of a new school year. I cannot tell you what people just glancing at my blog means to … Continue reading

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Try these Sweets if You’re Looking for a Tasty Treat in London

An ongoing list of the candy I have tried and loved. London and its sweet shops and bakeries are my downfall. 1. My absolute favorite treat is caramel shortbread. So sweet with a salty, graham cracker like shortbread cookie base, … Continue reading

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London Week One

Welcome to the London Edition of She Listens, She Reads, She Speaks! I’ve been having such a great time that I almost forgot to write, good thing weekly journals are required for the program. But, I’m just joking around, I’m … Continue reading

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Music Monday

Forgo the little line of text that says this post was published on a Tuesday. Just pretend with me that it was really 11:00 PM on a Monday night and not 12:00 AM on a Tuesday morning. Are we all … Continue reading

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