She Speaks: (on) Bonnaroo 2012

As many of you may already be well aware (because I’m quite late on my news), Bonnaroo dates and line-ups have been revealed and general tickets start selling (Price Level 4 tickets, that’s 244.50$ and fees), THIS SATURDAY (February 24, 2012, high noon).

I, myself, have never had the joy and experience of going on down to Manchester, Tennessee for the festival, but I’ve heard ravenous stories of the dirt and camaraderie and the craziness that ensues during the Bonnaroo festival. Whether you camp out in a tent, rent yourself a 5-star hotel room outside of the “venue” (quotations because the venue is acres and acres of Tennessee land, not your typical, run of the mill box stage in a club), or bring your own RV, Bonaroo combines two of the simplest pleasures in life-music and the outdoors.

Headliners this year are rockers, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Phish, and Radiohead. Three bands that are sure to bring the attendees and draw thick crowds to the main stage. Other big named performers are Bon Iver, The Beach Boys, The Avett Brothers, Foster the People, Alice Cooper, Ludacris, and comedian, Aziz Ansari (for a full list of performers see the above picture, or go here). Along with Ansari, Bonnaroo promises a full range of comedians to perform at their “Comedy Tent”, another one of the added pluses to attending.

Along with the celebrated “Comedy Tent”, Bonnaroo has the ever-popular “Cinema Tent” which plays movies all day, everyday. It’s popularity is boosted from the air conditioned environment, which any festival-goer will come to appreciate. Other activities include vendors which offer free activities and items for purchase to the attendees, food and drink tents, and a club-like tent to generate night-life after the concerts have died down. While Bonnaroo is noted to keep the music going during all hours of the day, these tents and spaces provide a get-away if you want to rest your weary (but excited) bones, cool down, or just aren’t interested in any of the acts on stage.

Bonnaroo combines hilarity, night life, camping, amusements, business, and most importantly music to make one of the most unique and engaging summer festival opportunities around. And, although I’m not 100% sure, there’s probably a place where you can find yourself some fresh squeezed lemonade or even an Elephant Ear, and who doesn’t love those classic festival-treats? It’s got the best of all the worlds, even Rolling Stone Magazine, has taken notice, naming it one of the “50 Moments that Changed Rock & Roll”.

For more information on this year’s festival (which runs from June 7-10th) click here to be transported to the official Bonnaroo website. Happy trails!

* Official line-up picture taken from


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