She Speaks (on): The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Now, usually I don’t do this, but… (go on and hit them with a little preview of the remix).  All R. Kelly-ing aside, the real point of this post is to introduce the vlog of one Lizzie Bennet.

The name Lizzie Bennet may sound quite familiar to many of you. This is the same Lizzie Bennet that continues to awe and move audiences in modern day, even though she was a fictional character spun by the talented mind of Jane Austen back in the day. The 1800’s, that is. What audiences liked most about Elizabeth Bennet was her spunk, her views of independence for females, and equality in love. These topics are glazed over now, but were risky and potentially reputation-breaking when Elizabeth roamed the fields of England. She thought like one might think in the modern era; she wanted what she wanted and wouldn’t let her parents or society rule her life. And, she remains in that same sarcastic, rule-breaking, spit fire persona in 2012, as seen in her vlog.

Now, obviously, the vlog itself is a work of fiction. But, it is manufactured to look like any girl’s video diary. It has a simplistic background, a simple library, some art, and white walls. And, the actors, or actresses, are spot on with their portrayals. And, Lizzie Bennet is totally relatable. She is a broke college grad student, she lives with her parents, and has two adorable sisters. She comes from a middle-class household, she has a best friend who’s always by her side, and she still hates the way her mother pawns men off on her like she’s waiting for the day she can become a trophy wife. Lizzie is quirky, funny, and ever admirable, and of course she had lovely eyes, (a little Pride and Prejudice humor there). She’s just a normal girl. And I believe the directors and writers and actors and everyone else on this project was going for that effect: totally relatable.

I have become kind of obsessed with the vlogs. Not only do I love Pride and Prejudice, but I love what Lizzie has become in her modernized way. She’s what every nerdy girl dreams of being, effortlessly smart and sweet. And, I think that the whole, making a well-known novel, spinning it, and making it acceptable in the 21st century is a radical idea that is brining Youtube to a whole new level. You can teach through the internet and you can entertain at the same time, and these vlogs are aiming and doing just that.


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