She Reads: The Selection


Imagine: you’re stuffed into a beautiful gown, paraded around a palace, and forced to compete for love in front of the whole country. This is the set-up of newcomer novel, The Selection, by Keira Cass. The novel has dystopian elements and a fairy tale setting, taking place after the fall the beloved United States of America, leaving a leader, Illéa, to pick up the pieces. And from that, the monarchy begins, leaving the shattered US of A to form “castes” where occupation and social status mix to tell you where you belong and who you deserve to marry/befriend/etc. This is where the main character comes in, America Singer. She is a five, her family is a troupe of artists who make their money performing at holiday shows for the more financially-stable community members. And, she’s hopelessly in love with a six, named Aspen.

Enter Prince Maxon, who’s a heart-achingly attractive and rules Illéa with his parents. To prove that in the end “castes don’t matter” the Prince required to host a dating show where 35 girls from various castes are chosen to compete for a chance to win his love (and the crown, but just like the actual Bachelor show {to which this novel is paralleled to an enumerable amount of the time} competing for fame is highly frowned upon).

I’ve seen this book compared not only to the Bachelor but also to the Hunger Games. And, spoiler alert, the themes are two completely different concepts. Where The Hunger Games is coy about the “love triangle” between the main characters; in my personal opinion, the romance aspects take a back seat to the rebellious cry for justice, The Selection spouts off it’s love triangle. It’s more of a romance-based novel than a dystopian “our world is ruled by communist-like regimes that aim to destroy people lower than them and abuse technology” kind of novel. Which is okay, everyone like a good aimless romance book to read at the beach, but at any point if one picks up this novel thinking it is going to be a good post-apocalyptic fantasy, it be better just to skip it all together, this novel feeds off of the love.

In conclusion, America Singer is a likable character. The novel is a face-paced romance-y choice, sure to keep you guessing who Prince Maxon will choose, although it’s pretty obvious, but we will let that spoiler slide. There’s a few “surprises” which you can kind of see coming, and there are a lot of  cliché moments, but it’s a good girly read for a summer day.

And, to all of you readers who love the CW’s adaptations of novels, The Selection is lined up to become a show on the network. Stars included on the cast list are “Friday Night Light’s” Aimee Teegarden, (and this is new information, but I’m an FNL fangirl), William Moseley, and Ethan Peck.

Rating: 3/5 ***


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