Links of the Week


1. Movies I’m Geeking Out About
The Garden Summer- This film follows around a group of twenty-somethings on a summer “vacation”
in 2010. However, this “vacation” is like no other, the group must learn to plant, maintain, and live off
their very own garden. Granted, they get to buy food from an 100-mile radius, but it’s still a challenge
and an environmentally-charged social experiment.
Watch the trailer, check local listings, meet the characters, and read the journal here:

The Gangster Squad – Ryan Gosling as a 50’s crime-stopper involved with the LAPD’s fight to catch
gangsters? Yes, please! Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone having awkward and lovely romantic
connections once again? Yes, please. Enough to make you want October to come quicker? I thought
so, too. Check out the trailer, below!

2. Recipe You Need to Try
You know those sugar cookies that always look so delish when you walk into the local supermarket;
those fluffy white cookies with pink, white, or yellow icing and sprinkles of all colors? Yeah,
those would be highly expensive but luscious Lofthouse Cookies. But, thanks to the wonderful
world of the internet, you can now find a recipe that cranks out cookies that look just like the original,
maybe even better.

3. New Music to Crush On
Last week, on the 9th of May, I had the privilege of seeing a small, acoustic concert at a local
café and bar. The line-up included the wonderful Cara Salimando, who is a self-proclaimed awkward
girl and has a quirky style with a killer voice. Her song “Commonwealth” (which was one of my
favorites during the live set) has a killer hook along with some really impressive piano playing (check
out a little music video of the song here to get the full effect, or buy the EP on itunes!). And
not only was she adorable and charming, but you could literally see the emotional attachment she
had made with every song played upon her face. Her songs make you see little movies in your mind
about times when you shared the same sentiments, and when Cara takes the stage, you know she’s
visualizing her own personal stories. There was even a time during the concert when she had to
stop the song because she was getting too into it and forgetting the chords. It was not only
a raw moment but sincere and made you remember that musicians aren’t just in it to make money.
They use music as a form of therapy and escape. Cara did just that. And, if you want more information
check out her tumblr or her website to get tour dates and FREE MUSIC!

4. Fun (and Eye-Opening) Find of the Week
Was Dr. Seuss your prophet as a child? The majority of you probably answered yes, because, who else wrote fun, rhyming kids books with bright colors and fuzzy characters? Many of us loved Dr. Seuss’s books as children and the stories have remained in our hearts. But, as you grew up, did you ever wonder what exactly your childish books were trying to teach? As you get older it’s easy to find hidden meanings in simple things, but, if you’re not constantly reading to children, you may have let these hidden messages slip out of mind. I had never even begun to consider what the meaning behind the Cat in the Hat actually meant, until it found its way to my tumblr feed. Buzzfeed and designer Chris Menning have posted the what Dr. Seuss’s books set out to teach, in an interesting photoshop project.

5. Fashion Round-Up
The annual Met Gala took place about 6 days ago. The event is known for it’s over-the-top, glamourous fashion trends donned by the biggest celebrities and the celebrating of fashion’s top designers and contributors. This year, stars and fashionistas alike took to the red carpet to enjoy the unveiling of a new exhibition “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations”. My favorite looks- Carey Mulligan in futuristic but chic short number made of shiny gold and silver disc-like objects (prettier than I make it sound, trust me), Diana Agron in a flowing, green gown, Leighton Meester in a gold gown full of tulle and intricate beading, and Emma Stone who wore a cute, red dress with floral sequin embellishments. And the best dressed male in my opinion? I may be biased, but Darren Criss looked dapper as always, and Zac Posen made a statement for menswear in a eye-catching maroon velvet blazer and pants. For a full crop of photos, look to Yahoo!


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