7 Songs for the Summer


She Listens, She Reads, She Speaks’ Top 7 Songs for the Summer


  • King Charles- LoveBlood

Start things off with an upbeat tune like Loveblood off of King Charles’s recent album by the same title. Upon first listen, I was reminded of Vampire Weekend, but sung in a sweet, British way, crooning of true love and romance and all of those lovely sentiments. Includes a clapping, gang vocal portion with a pretty-sounding female choir. Perfect beach tunes.

  • Noah and the Whale-Tonight’s the Kind of Night

A different kind of upbeat, the huskily voiced Charlie Fink leads Noah and the Whale in this song off of their most recent album. Tonight tells the tale of a boy leaving town, on a summer road-trip maybe? It’s the perfect, piano-laden track to start out a voyage, or just add to a perfect night out with friends.

  • The Wedding Band-I Take Your Hand

The Wedding Band is a side-project of the popular band, Mumford and Sons and some horn-playing friends. Their 4-song EP “The First Dance” includes this little ditty, filled with an upbeat brass breakdown and some charged banjo-picking; perfect for a sing-a-long and a dance around a bonfire.

  • Passion Pit- Little Secrets

There’s something about electronic-sounding, sung in falsetto, indie song to cue a summer jam session in the car with the windows rolled down. And gang vocals, something about gang vocals signals a good summer tune, and this song is not only upbeat, it has a good hook and back beat to make you want to break out into a sprint. This song reminds me of warm-up music for the coolest sporting team.

  • Sleeping at Last- The Sea of Atlas

Every summer also needs a slower song to capture the sweet, sun kissed moments of romance. Sleeping at Last is a band fitting for any cheesy summer love or romantic comedy. The music is not only full of perfectly orchestrated instruments, like a violin coinciding with a ukulele and a piano and with some flute-sounding instrument that belongs with fairies in the woods it features a true talent on vocals, with a high, soaring voice. Fittingly, this song comes off of the band’s Yearbook project which was a collection of songs, about 3 every month, filed under the name of said month, The Sea of Atlas is found on the June EP.

  • Mayer Hawthorne-Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’

In Hawthorne’s most recent album he reminds me of an artist way before his time, a little soul artist named Barry White. Of course, Mayer Hawthorne is the new millenniums adaptation, but good nonetheless. This song features his earlier works, but still maintains the soulful quality and the music video features Hawthorne dancing and relaxing by the pool, this may be the perfect song for just that.

  • Fun. -Some Nights

Fun. has already released a song some call “the soundtrack to the summer” which everyone knows as “We are Young” but, another great Fun. tune from their new album is “Some Nights”.  It features a beginning without any instrumentation and then breaks into a strong, almost army-esque beat. Definitely a perfect song to end any summer playlist and play on a great, memorable summer night. Enjoy!


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4 Responses to 7 Songs for the Summer

  1. Mom says:

    Great writing as usual!!!!

  2. dpruett7 says:

    Listened to most of these songs….doesn’t exactly fit mt taste or genre’ (probably an age thing), but your presentation was excellent-i enjoyed it!

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