Links of the Week: Week 3

1. STARKID. Have I talked about Starkid yet. No? Well, get ready. My sister and I started watching this Chicago-based theater troupe’s videos a couple of years ago, when the only thing in their youtube arsenal were two Harry Potter themed shows and one play/musical that shan’t not be named on here on SLSRSS. They grew a bit and came to have one show (It’s called Starship) under their belt that had nothing to do with famed pop culture figures (see Harry Potter themed musical), and a US tour in their resumes, and they returned this April with yet another great show to share with the Youtube generation.

Their newest triumph is a musical entitled “Holy Musical B@tman”. I’m not that familiar with the whole Batman phenomena, I’m a fan of the Christopher Nolan films (who else is pumped for the Dark Knight Rises?) and I watched the 60’s TV show with my mom back in the day, but the comics and the bad-guys, I’m not too aware of. Holy Musical B@tman featured all of the characters that I had known, primarily Cat Woman, Robin, the Dark Knight himself, Commissioner Gordon, etc etc etc.

The show also featured some other highly recognized super heroes, Superman, Spiderman, Aquaman, but Starkid threw in some new quirks, tying in the pop culture aspects to their plays as they seem to enjoy doing. Starkid added their key wit and introduced some new characters purely their of their own design, namely villain Sweet Tooth who has a pun for literally every single candy, and their killing capacities (link). And, as Starkid likes to do, as seen in A Very Potter Musical (Ron Weasley is an over-eater, Harry is an egomaniac, and Hermione is even more of a know-it all than she is in the book series), Holy Musical B@man takes the characters out of their social and celebrated beings and stretches their traits to the seams. Batman is more dark and solemn than even the most rough-voiced Christian Bale, Robin is light-hearted and hated, and Commissioner Gordon is an old goof. Holy Musical B@man was released on Youtube for fans everywhere on April 13th. Check it out on Starkid’s page!

2. BLOGS (and sites) I LOVE: When I get bored or simply need something to read in my lounge chair on the porch, witty blogs are some of my favorite things to check out. Not only can blogs inspire and teach how to create,  they can refer you to fun stores to check out, recipes to try, books to read, and just plain entertaining articles that are a tad too progressive or opinionated to find flipping through magazine pages. Here’s a list of the blogs I’m crushing on this summer:

How Sweet It Is: This blog posts what it boasts: it’s a sweet look at tantalizing desserts, healthy eats, and comfort food. My favorite posts: Cinnamon and Sugar Focaccia Sticks, a sweet take on a classic bread my Italian Grandfather kept stocked in the summer

Root Beer Float Cupcakes:  Because, how can you not think that fizzy root beer frosting is a dream come true?

Hello Giggles: Hello Giggles was created by three tech-savvy, hilarious, independent women who look to spread fun, laughter, and a place for every girl to feel comfortable on the internet. They do this through story-telling rather than blatant celeb gossip and fashion reviews that only allow stick thin girls to graze the page.

My favorite posts: READING ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. This is a favorite because I was going to do the same review here on SLSRSS but alas, what has been already said far better than I can express shalt not be rewritten on my blog. Read her review and read the book. Such a keeper!

THIS. An post on the teachings of Disney’s leading ladies. Because I’ve learned in countless communications courses that Disney princesses are weak characters who wait for a man to save them, blah blah blahditey blah. I love me some Disney princess movies, and I pride myself on being a strong, independent woman.

A Beautiful Mess:  A Beautiful Mess is not only a beautiful and well-organized site, it has some amazing content. From DIY to delicious recipes to fashionista inspiration to beauty tricks, these girls really slave away at making this blog a full-time job filled with inspiring looks into a creative lifestyle.

Favorite posts: A time-management manual straight from the world of the bloggers. Really helpful!

I am a DIY junkie and I’m also obsessed with typography, especially my favorite lyrics expressed through a simple font and picture. So finding this DIY was a blessing in disguise.

Rookie: Rookiemag is a site that is updated literally most of the time web addicted teens are online. And that’s a lot. It’s totally dedicated to teenage girls. It boasts great interviews with celebs young ladies should look up to, and gives some great advice. Take this interview about how to survive high school with some celebrity input…
If the internet was alive and well and not using blocks for texts and disgusting green backgrounds when I was in sixth grade (which it might have been :/ I just wasn’t allowed on the world wide webs as a child), this site would have become my Bible to help guide me to a more creative lifestyle.

P.S. I’ve got to get on an actual calendar for when to release these “Links” blogs. But, bear with and forgive me :)


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5 Responses to Links of the Week: Week 3

  1. I love Starkid too! I saw Apocalyptour as well, wasn’t it amazing?

    • They are amazing, and really showing what Youtube can do. I actually didn’t get to see them on Apocalyptour :( But that’s great that you did! I’d love to hear about it! I see all of the awesome pictures online and wish I got to go.

      • Aww that’s too bad! It was really great how welcoming of their fans they were. Like my friends and I were outside before the concert and JOE WALKER WALKED OUT OF HIS TRAILER. Of course we were completely flabbergasted and tongue tied, but he was so… cool. And calm. While our jaws were on the ground, we were having a conversation! Haha. Anyways, yeah, it’s been amazing to watch them go from this little channel on Youtube to this amazing thing.

      • Ahh! That’s so awesome! They really do seem like the coolest, down to earth group of people. And, I agree! I can’t wait to see what they do next!

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