She Listens: Matt Corby

There’s always those moments of sweet, sweet bliss when you have a newly hatched obsession. Something you never even felt coming on and weren’t preparing for. It could be a new television show, LOST has made a rude interruption in my semi-normal life, stealing precious summer rays, but I can’t complain. Or it could be something real, like a new friendship or something substantial in that way. But for me it’s usually entertainment-based.

Aside from Jack and Sawyer and Hurley, another man crept up on me and demanded obsession. His name: Matt Corby, if that wasn’t obvious from the title of this late-night blog. And why does Matt Corby demand attention, you ask?

Being a young, somewhere in his 20’s, man, Corby has the vocal chops of someone twice his age. I swear my father couldn’t conjure up the rough bark that Corby spits song after song. I’ve seen him compared to a weird mix of Kings of Leon, the Black Keys, Eric Clapton, and Jeff Buckley, but Corby has a softer, somber side that is entirely his own when he’s just jamming on his acoustic guitar and singing with straight feeling. He is a true artist, with lyrics that make you feel something, or just make you feel like you’re listening to the most attractively read poetry out there.

In my opinion, there is not someone more worthy of successes and concerts filled with silent, accepting, true fans, just listening and reacting to the music. He deserves respect and awe for the amazing music he puts out, sometimes sad, sometimes bluesy, sometimes (well, the majority of the time) just music that you can connect to or get lost in.

Corby is a relatively new artist in America, but is no stranger to his native Australian crowd, where he has been gaining radio play with his single “Brother”. No doubt attendance to his shows are gaining speed down under, but back in America, fans are just getting clued into the genius, and wishing they had full access to the bed of EPs that Corby falls back on.
Only a small “Mini EP” is available for download in the states (link here, it’s FREE! if you sign up to become a member on his website), and one song (Lighthome) on iTunes. Hopefully, like the Austrailian fans, we get to see a lot more of this promising young man in the future.

Corby has revealed in interviews that he is currently writing and working on a new album. Until we have those new and inspiring, probably sad, and raw songs, here’s a list of my personal favorites to make you fall in love with the music that comes from the overly-talented Matt Corby. Enjoy!

Big Eyes

I’m not sure when these Secret Garden/Backyard Shows started, my educated guess is around 2010-2011, but from all of the footage I’ve watched from the intimate concerts performed in secure backyards and small spaces, Big Eyes, performed in a dark garden is one of the most magical. The lighting is perfect, the amplification captures the soft tones of Corby’s croon while allowing soothing background noise catch in the video, it makes for a perfect video. Making you feel like you were there when it was recorded. (I like the wind sounds, the people shouting get a bit annoying…nevertheless, this video is amazing).
Big Eyes itself is a magical song, one of my favorites from Matt (if not my favorite). And, usually this has a pretty female part, sung by Bree Tranter, adding innocence and another other-worldly element, but Corby shows that he can do it all by himself.

Trio of Songs

In this video, Corby performs My False, Lighthome, and Lonely Souls, all equally haunting and gorgeous tunes. This is pretty much 14 minutes of absolute bliss. I turned on this playlist one day while I was typing away, Corby proves to be perfect music to create to, to sing to, and to fall asleep to. And, if he doesn’t win your heart and show your ears the best listening experience they’ve had in years, I dub you crazy. Corby is one-of-a kind in today’s music business. And this short, acoustic performance will show you that and more.


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