She Watches: Electrick Children

I love movies. Films. Whatever. I think there is something so special about sitting in a dark room and just watching the screen and just being able to feel something. Acting, something that is so looked over but such a challenge. Just that something a person-who is not even physically present-can do to inspire, make someone cry, or move them to tears of joy, is amazing.

I’m usually one for pretty mainstream, newer movies, and television, too. I do love Wes Andersen films, and the television show Friday Night Lights, two things kind of looked over and not really considered mainstream, but the rest of my movies are strictly “Coming to a Theater Near You” ordeals. I’m good at finding under-the-radar music and literature, but not so much film. However, I came across this little gem of a trailer and I am really, really excited to see it.

Electrick Children is the tale of a young, Mormon-raised girl that finds a blue casette tape filled with rock music, something she has not yet discovered the pure joy of. She listens and then, soon after, she finds her self pregnant, and she believes that she has immaculately conceived a miracle child because of the rock music.
Okay, so this sounds a bit off-putting and silly. I agreed at first, she’s fifteen, and she’s intelligent. But, she hears her father preaching about Mary’s own conception, and she believes. She knows that she has done nothing wrong, this child will be her miracle, but her parents write her off as rebellious. Crazzzzzyy movie concept, I know. But, it gets better.
You know why it gets better? Because everything is accelerated to the next level with a road trip! That’s totally making light of the situation. The trailer is dark and somber, a mood that exudes seriousness. The first half is only soundtracked by the almost-creepy voice-over of the young girl talking about her what got her to running away. The music. The miracle. The total lack of understanding from her family. Then, she steals her families truck and drives away, the voice over says “I accelerate down a road I have not yet traversed, I travel beyond the red bluffs of a home I cannot again call my home…”. She is in search of the man that sings on the tape, and she found him, maybe, in a long haired, Rory Culkin.

So up to this point, I was thinking, “this could really go either way,” especially when young Rachel and the stow-away boy (who I recognized as Liam Aiken, a man I once had a major crush to end all celebrity crushes on when I was about 12 and he played Klaus Baudelaire in the adaptation of a Series of Unfortunate Events) get in the white van to go to a rock show. But then this little scene comes up,  


and that’s when I knew. It’s so epic in a teenager-y way. This girl, this girl who had no experiences with popular culture and has lived a life that was kind of laid out for her by her strict upbringing, is allowed to experience and be transformed by something she has come to love, music. And they’re all just skating and being awesome and 90s-esque, and the post-rock song plays softly in the background, gaining volume, and a rapid fire succession of images and clips (including some footage of Liam Aiken, who is conspicuously called Mr. Will on IMDB, which I have no clue what do with or fathom who he actually plays in the movie) shows Rachel’s transformation and sudden freedom, and BAM!, she’s crying in her mother’s arms and suddenly standing at the back of a church in a white veil, ready to be married. To whom? I couldn’t tell.

Electrick Children seems like a coming-of-age tale that tackles religion, love, and respect for parents, plus learning to be inspired by things out of your control and having the guts to follow your heart. A real winner, if the trailer tells you anything. So, go ahead and watch for yourself, UK release is around July 13th, and USA should be able to view in the fall.


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