DIY Monday/Technically Tuesday

To put this simply, I am not the most creative girl on the block. But, thanks to Pinterest, I think America (and other countries, is Pinterest worldwide?) has become a little more crafty. Pinning gives me a lot of inspiration and since I’m moving and need endless ideas for decorations, art, and organization, I can count on it to have my back and show me ideas for each and everything I need. I can make homemade hand soaps, properly create a craft closet, make s’mores chocolate chip cookies, and, of course, make some art.

This tutorial was inspired by a photo I found on about a year ago. The original picture is credited to klmgirlie., which doesn’t actually link to anything, but hey, I’m trying to give credit. Anyway, I think you can find some sort of tutorial on pinterest, or you could buy this 408$ version, made from pristine vintage maps. But, feel free to stick around to see my own take on the map art, with step-by-step instructions and advice.

Bear with me if these pictures aren’t that great, I originally made a powerpoint but contrary to popular belief (AKA, my personal beliefs) powerpoints are quite difficult, albeit impossible to upload to a blog. So, the images you see before you are photocopied slides from my computer, again, I am sorry. I’m professional, I know.


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5 Responses to DIY Monday/Technically Tuesday

  1. #1 fan says:

    I Love It!!!!!!!!!! You are so talented, and a great writer too :)

  2. Buzz says:

    Mom is lame.

  3. Caitlin says:

    Ahhh it turned out SO CUTE! Your blog is so inspiring and well-written! Love it, M!

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