She Speaks (on): Internet Music Databases, Part Deux


Awhile ago, awhile here meaning my very first post, I talked about one of my very favorite music sites on the world wide web: Noisetrade. Today, I’m going to delve into the wonderful world of If you haven’t already used this site, get ready to become addicted!

Profile: “8tracks is handcrafted internet radio. It offers a simple way for people to share and discover music through an online mix, a short playlist containing at least 8 tracks”. Stolen right from the About section, 8tracks plain and simply states the obvious, you make a playlist, and it must have 8 tracks. Beyond those pretty easy borders, 8tracks has some fun rules that make discovering music a bit easier.

Offers: Free and easily accessible playlists. Create or listen to mixes spanning a variety of genres. 8tracks recently launched a promotion where you can opt to watch a youtube version of a song instead of just listen, making the experience more interactive. Links to itunes are located next to the title of the song, so purchasing a song is effortless and you can favorite tracks and playlists to revisit in the future.

Concerning our Dear Money: 8tracks is completely free, however, they offer an 8tracks plus membership, which offers no ads and some other features that will be added by the end of the year. Basic 8tracks is what I use and I have no complaints. Definitely the cheapest and easiest way to discover new artists.

Ease of Use:  Personally, I prefer the old layout but, even if the new layout is a little more complex, it still works well to find music you want to listen to. On the “dashboard” a user’s history of mixes listened to, favorited, recommended, favorite tags, etc are listed. Tags can be artists (Mumford & Sons), genres (indie), mood or feelings (happy/love), etc. Tags are added by the DJs and can be searched in the search bar, playlists pop up based on your searches.

Restrictions: Like any music site, 8tracks has its restrictions caused by legal reasoning. There is a 3 song skip per hour per playlist. You can only add songs by a musician twice per playlists. Only 3 artists can be mentioned in the description box. Track lists cannot be shown before listening to the mix. Only 5 tags are allowed. Sure, many restrictions for music lovers and DJs alike, but, in my eyes, this makes the experience more fun. It’s a mystery what will come next and what you will find, without the restrictions, I may have never heard Ed Sheeran or Ron Pope. The horror! l

Good Finds!

~Jane Austen Mix
My love for Jane Austen is infinite, this playlist offers the best of the music featured on soundtracks of movies based on Austen’s novels, it’s the best study music around.

~90’s Kids
With a cover photo featuring the cast of Boy Meets World, nothing could capture the 90’s more truly. Tunes from Spin Doctors, *NSYNC, Everclear, and Chumbawumba.

~Feel Good Dance Songs!
Boasts that it features “chick rock” but trust me, there are many guys who love “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” as the next lady.

eel good indie all with that  lovely autumn weather feel. It’ll make you want to curl around the fire with a cup of cocoa and a wrapped in a leaf-colored sweater.



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