She Listens: GRAMMY NOMINEES (Year of the Normal)

Taking a small study break to come at you live after the Grammy Nomination Celebration. HOW EXCITED ARE WE INTERNET WORLD?

Never before have I actually been ecstatic at the list of Grammy Nominees. Usually I’m a little down in the dumps at the half-baked attempt to incorporate “real artists” with commercially successful names. Last year’s Bon Iver controversy was one of the things that drove me to get this blog to rant and rave about music (and books, obviously). But, this year, capital and artistry seemed to go hand-in-hand.

This, I’m officially dubbing, is the “Year of the Normal”. This year, we won’t have to give an eye-roll as Gaga rolls down the carpet in an egg or fear for the head of Nicki Minaj as she defames the Catholic Church in a weird, inappropriate performance, nor will we have to hear Rihanna open yet another awards show, or have the four people sitting behind Katy Perry have their view blocked because of a ice cream cone or block or something equally out of place strapped to her head. This year is all about normal artists getting recognized for good songs, good writing, good instrumentals, good composure, some commercial success, and good pipes, without gimmicks. (Okay, so most of these performers {Rihanna, KP} are up for awards, but whatever! Year of the norm, people!)

Here are my favorite songs and artists up for awards! Happy Grammys! Get excited!

Fun. is up for 6 awards, y’all! I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with “We Are Young”, the first single off of their album “Some Nights” that went crazily popular this summer. Well, I’m here to tell you that not only is Fun. amazing and catchy and wonderful, but their first, somewhat unappreciated album is just as good as their sophomore effort. You should listen to it if you haven’t yet.
Aim & Ignite, their first album, which was released in 2009, is poppy in the best way. It’s upbeat, always changing in inflection, tune, and instrumentals, and sounding, to me, very theatrical, almost like the soundtrack of a Broadway album. Here are two of my favorites:

Fun. are up for some of the biggest awards:
Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Best New Artist, etc. etc. etc.
They’re wonderful, end of story.

The Alabama Shakes
Most soulful female singer to grace the Grammys since Adele. (This is internet sarcasm). But front-woman of The Alabama Shakes is no stranger to soul, her voice is deep and powerful and amazing. Just take this video for their song “Hold On”.
If I could scream sing with as much passion as she, maybe I wouldn’t have to be suffering through finals week. Her voice is few and far between and the rocking and rolling guitars and piano can only do more good to an already good thing.

The Lumineers
Ho! Hey! The Lumineers grace our television by not only being nominated for awards but reading some nominees off at the party. And, not going to lie, I had never actually seen the band before so I was picturing a huge outfit of men with huge, brown, Santa-length beards and a female singer that looks strangely similar to the female vocalist of Edward Sharpe. I was wrong. The Lumineers are young, talented, and fresh, their first album being released just this year and gaining so much attention after their breakout single topped the charts. Here’s a lovely live version of “Flowers in Your Hair”. You’re welcome.

Frank Ocean
People really seem to love Frank Ocean. I like Frank Ocean. I just listened to more than one of his songs for the first time tonight. It’s like some new form of rap, R&B, I don’t even know because I listen to “americana” but I like it. People go gaga over Ocean on tumblr, and the people of tumblr are usually right on about their fads. He has a soothing voice that shows his real talent and I’m impressed. I’m impressed with something that doesn’t have a banjo, so you know it has to be good. Plus, I like the lyrics. Hats off to you, Frank Ocean, lyrics that make sense, a voice that makes the girls swoon, songs that inspire and are relatable; you’re doing everything right and perfectly. 

Hunter Hayes
To say I’m crushing on Hunter Hayes is a bit of an understatement. Does he look like Neil Patrick Harris? A little bit. Does he sing cheesy love songs? He does. Did I listen to a 2 minute commercial about dog food just to hear his song on Youtube? I did. He’s a country, teenage heartthrob: the world needed one. Plus he writes his own lyrics, is a multi-instrumentalist, and only 21.

MUMFORD & SONS NOMINATED FOR ALBUM OF THE YEAR. (I, and my roommates, clapped and clapped when this happened, enough said). Oh, does anyone else find it a tad ironic that Babel is also up for “Best Americana” album but they’re British? Am I missing something? The correct definition of Americana, possibly?

Other great artists recognized this time around: Ed Sheeran, Fiona Apple, Florence & The Machine, The Black Keys, Adele, and The Avett Brothers! Congratulations to all. Full Grammy news an nominees are all located at! I couldn’t be more excited for February 10th.


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    You are the most amazing person.

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