She Speaks on: CHRISTMAS (gifts)

If my name and identity was Oprah, and it’s pretty obvious that even though I don’t blatantly give away my identity on this little blog, I’m not Oprah, I would rethink my “Favorite Things”. I mean, Oprah’s favorite things are pretty rad, iPads, soaps, cashmere sweaters, Mo-Peds, huge purchases and cool knick-knacks that us non-Oprah’s can’t have when they first hit the stands. But you know what else is cool, Op? (Can I call you Op)? small books and CDs and knick knacks that cost 12$-20$! I guess Oprah and I have a little difference in our favorite things: she loves them and uses them daily and gives them away so everyone else can love them too, I can only love them and give suggestions for other people to buy them. The moral of this story, Oprah is a way better person than I, but, nonetheless, here SLSRSS’s favorite things:  2012 ed. (Disclaimer most of these things were not introduced in 2012). Oh, and most of the misc. things are going to be female-geared, and things that are on my Christmas list (hint hint to my Momma who is probably reading)…

thebalm-stainiac-cheek-lip-stainI use this cheek/lip stain every single day. Ultimately getting two products for one kind of low price, and it really works, and looks a lot more natural than a powder blush. $17

bust magazineBust is like the anti-Cosmo women’s magazine. It has all of the tips, quizzes, tricks, and interviews but with funny and inspirational ladies, like cover girl Tavi Gevinson pictured here. 1 year subscription is around $20

babylipsBaby Lips by Maybelline not only smells delicious but actually does make your lips softer. It’s the beauty lover’s Chapstick dream, plus the red color (shown in the orange tube) works magic. 2 pack at Target $6

mapnecklacesI got a map necklace for Christmas last year and it was one of the most adorable and wonderful gifts. First of all, who doesn’t love maps? There are so many shops on etsy that sell these pendants that customizing the map to be whatever special place your receiver loves is as easy as 123. Ranges 12-48$

infinity ringI just want an infinity ring, okay! This one is only $9

beanbootClassic Bean Duck boots are a great gift to the sporty, mountain-men, and college student trudging in snow piles alike. A little costly, but they will last forever and I’m sure if you could only spend 50$ you could just give an LL Bean gift card and make them pay the other half. Everyone is happy. $99

redheartleatherjournalA new journal is the perfect gift for any friends, family, or person you have for a gift exchange but don’t know that much about. This red leather heart-embossed variety is my favorite on the market and relatively cheap. Give the gift that inspires! $17

cardiWomen no longer need men’s sweaters because Target has a shawl cardi that is sold for females and just as comfortable as the one you could pick up off of a well-styled man’s floor. $20

I’ve been perusing the “Best of 2012” album reviews on several sites, NME, Paste, USAtoday, some Amazon subscribers, reoccurring names are Frank Ocean (which is an awesommmme album), Cat Power, Beach House, Of Monsters and Men, Fiona Apple, Carrie Underwood, The xx, The Lumineers, etc. All would be perfect gifts for the casual or hard-core music lover, lots of options, lots of good stuff. (I would like to add that 3 of my favorite albums that came about this year, + by Ed Sheeran, The Carpenter by The Avett Brothers, and Babel by Mumford & Sons failed to be listed, but alas, they’ll just have to rest on my list).

BUTTTT the album I listened to the most over 2012 was by none of these amazing artists listed above, it was actually an album released in 2008, whaddup.
Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down has gotten mixed reviews: monotone, monotonous, depressing, etc. I take those reviews seriously, everyone can have their own opinion, but my review would be a bit more positive: refreshing, hopeful, and great fiddle. Noah just has this style that I’ve found hard to locate in other artists, their music is raw and honest, and you know what you’re getting when you step into it, and yeah, Fink’s voice isn’t the most expressive, but it’s good in that way, as I said you know what you’re going to get, and with Fink’s voice you’re going to get some deep, huskily sang songs about life and death and love and growing up. Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down is all about love: giving it and dying with it and sharing it and is really optimistic about it, there are some pretty epic songs, a track by the title of the album is about how hollow life is without some kind of love, Godly, romantic, or even friendship. I think I like it so much because it’s a pretty teenager-y album, coming to terms with things you never thought about as a child: death and living happily and finding love and being an adult. Kind of a coming of age tale. Plus, I’ve been looking for some artists with great fiddle counterparts, I’ve tried Andrew Bird and Kishi Bashi, but one of my favorites is the fiddle that finds it’s way onto every song on this album. It’s tooo prettty.

We all know I’m a huge fan of the VlogBrothers and John Green and books in general, so when John Green released this video for book buying recommendations for the holidays, I was ecstatic.

Here are my book recommendations for Young Adult lovers, adults, and children alike, but mostly young adults.

The Child Reader:
Who Could That Be at This Hour? (All The Wrong Questions). 

lemonySo, I wasn’t blogging when I was 12 or 11 or 10 or whatever, (Thank God, or you would be reading some way too expressive love poems dedicated to Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and Teddy Geiger, really, I saved your soul from that grief). But, if I was book blogging in my elementary and middle school days, it would probably all be dedicated to A Series of Unfortunate Events.
I say this often and I’ll say it again, SOUE was my Harry Potter. They’re both wonderful and I love the world of HP, but I may love the world of the Baudelaires even more. Probably because when I was in 4th grade and on I had no idea what sarcasm looked like and there was Snicket, dishing it out with every novel. WCTBATH employs the same level of snark that the SOUE series had, and it’s a prequel. I think when every child was reading SOUE they wondered who exactly this Snicket character was, and why he was our narrator. WCTBATH answers those questions and takes us to Snicket’s POV as a 13-ish year old boy. If your child hasn’t read SOUE yet, no biggie, they’re interrelated but not needed to understand the other. And, while SOUE was a take on the gothic novel, dealing a lot with murder and scary places and horrible situations, WCTBATH (I’m digging these abbreviations, if you couldn’t tell) has more to do with mystery. It’s more Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew team up to figure out what the bad guys are up to and stop them. And, it’s wonderful.

The Young Adult Aficionado:
The-Fault-in-Our-Stars-by-John-Green-is-about-a NEED I SAY IT? The Fault in Our Stars by John Green not only was awarded Time’s Best Novel of 2012, but has found its way onto multiple best seller lists, favorite lists, OPRAH’S BOOK LIST. NEED I SAY MORE PEOPLE? I’m giving it as a gift, you should, too.

PERKS. With the popularity and greatness of The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie that came out around October, any young adult lover will love The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The movie was wonderful, but in true book to movie fashion, the book has so much more depth and development. So movie and book lovers combined will love this novel, plus, any teen knows how it feels to be a little depressed and a little tortured. This novel triumphs in showing that we have something that makes us different and weird, we all have secrets, it’s human, and it’s a beautiful thing to be different.

The Book I’m Asking For:

There are only two shows I am going to tell you to buy on DVD and watch all day everyday over break: Friday Night Lights and Downton Abbey. I don’t care what you watch, who you are, where you’re from, as long as you love these shows. No, all Backstreet Boysing aside, Friday Night Lights is inspirational, under-appreciated, TV gold that guys and girls alike will agree is amazing. Downton Abbey is literally all the drama, sadness, laughter, that you want in a period romance movie but with 3 seasons and 1 hour time slots. Check them out!

friday-night-lights-dvddownton abbey

Happy Holidays!


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2 Responses to She Speaks on: CHRISTMAS (gifts)

  1. Oprahfan1 says:

    YOU AREN’T OPRAH?? my dreams are crushed.

    But I think your finds and ideas are incredibly cute too even if you aren’t giving me a free iPad for reading your blog. I especially love the sweater, rings, and book selection!

    <3 Oprah girl

  2. Cynthia says:

    I’ll have to check out Downton Abbey over my school’s winter break! I love shows like that. Great post, and great ideas! :)

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