Links of the Week (We all know these don’t happen week-by-week, right?)

Let’s start off with a music post. I’ve said that I’ve loved 8tracks before, and I will sing it from the mountaintops. Here’s my favorite playlists for jammin’ (or more likely, sleeping).
Sweet Serenades 
This playlist is music to my ears because it’s all really slow ballad-y songs about love, which is obviously my favorite topic for any song, and it features a lot of my favorite bands. Sure, there are a couple of songs that I don’t care for, like Incubus, but hey, that’s what 8tracks is all about. Forcing you to listen to new things and stumbling upon new artists that you’d never hear without it’s DJs and playlists. And I respect Incubus now, because they’re featured on a great, 3 hour mix.
Maybe You’re My Snowflake
This one is a bit more poppy, but still slower, thoughtful tunes. I mean it has One Direction and Ray LaMontagne. Actually, The Wanted, too, so double the boy bands and the sultry stylings of LaMontagne…I listened to this one while I baked 6 dozen Christmas cookies and loved every minute of it.
Women Who Rock
I had a mix of all guy voices, so now onto the deserving and wonderful ladies. Featuring my favorite guitar and perfect angel voice singer songwriter, Laura Marling. Women rock! And so does this mix.

Here come the links!
Reading (or books) are one of my favorite topic of conversation. Ever in a uncomfortable situation with a stranger and nothing to talk about? Ask them what they’re reading and if they say “I hate reading,” run away.
I’m researching non-profits for a research project and Reading is Fundamental is my organization of choice. I think one of the smartest statements about literacy is that it starts in the home and not the school. RIF offers free books to those who cannot afford books and hopes to make a community of young engaged minds who love literature. Check it out and donate!

Living in Ohio and looking for publishing jobs always seemed like a looking for a needle in a haystack. But, turns out there are a lot of lit. lovers, creators, and jobs. I love the Columbus Creative Cooperative which aims to connect local writers to a loyal, local fan-base. Columbus has this huge platform for getting the locals involved with everything, food, festivals, and now writing! I lovvvveee it! They hold workshops, independently publish local authors, and have a lovely website to look at.

The Power of a Story
Robert McKee. Need I say more writers and storytellers and business-people alike? This is great advice to aspiring writers and all of those who will be giving power-point presentations at a job later in life or now. Why are stories important? What makes a good story? All questions answered in this blip from an interview with McKee.

From Robert McKee to Mk and A.

The Definitive Ranking of Mary-Kate and Ashley Movies
0’s girls, need I say more? I still think Our Lips are Sealed deserved a higher ranking. Nothing has made me want to make my hair bounce in unison with my best friend as we stylishly walk away from the scene in clogs and cloth skirts more.

Cauliflower Pizza
Did I make this pizza? Yes, I did. Was it delicious? Yes, it was. Was it as good as Pizza Hut? You’re kidding, right? Did it make you feel like you could run a mile afterward in ways Pizza Hut cannot? I didn’t want to curl up into a food coma after I downed 3 slices, so that’s always a plus about healthy food. This pizza was delicious, nutritious, and actually kind of fun to make. A definite re-do and a try for all of you pizza lovers with healthy new years resolutions.

Best for last?
My sister and cousin got me reading Thought Catalog over Christmas and I haven’t stopped since. And, since I’ve found the Game of Thrones section, I’ve found myself a little too invested in the articles.
You know what else I am completely, emotionally, INVESTED IN? GAME OF THRONES.
All caps because it’s truer than true. I’m reading the novels, watching the shows faster than I can read the novels, and finding myself talking in a British accent, shouting “Winter is Coming” with my roommate anytime an intense part comes on. So, how better to pass the time before I watch the second season than reading a post about husband ranking the men of GOT? (Not going to lie, some spoilers if you’re lame like I am and are not on the 2nd season yet).
And, honestly, why is Jon Snow not a 10/10? Sure, you’d have to hang out at the wall a lot (is he still there in season 2? No, don’t tell me!) but look. at. that. face.


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  1. LALALALA says:

    You are my snowflake…….
    And a woman who rocks…….

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