She Listens: The Ladies I Wish I Could Sound Like Edition

1. Laura Marling.
HOW AMAZING IS HER VOICE? Many commentators of her style and presence spout that she’s so good she doesn’t even have to show emotion on her face while singing, her tone does it all. Here’s one of my favorite videos, Alas I Cannot Swim, performed in a church. She sounds so amazing it’s not even fair.

This song came off an album with the same name 5 years ago, Marling is now 23. So, yeah. Such a hard-working, inspiring woman. Her fourth studio album is set to hit stores around May.

And here’s another lovely tune, Sophia. This one really shows how strong of a lyricist (and guitarist!) she is.

2. Robyn
Why did I just now get on the Robyn train? I’ll admit, I only know her singles, but Dancing on My Own and Call Your Girlfriend are enough to get me hooked. She’s so fierce, and her dance moves are beyond crazy, but in a wonderful, wonderful way.
Exhibit A: Call Your Girlfriend

She’s so confident in her moves, and they’re equal parts awesome and things that I could probably do but not look as sane as Robyn or feel as cool as she looks doing that roll around on the ground thing.

Exhibit B: Dancing On My Own

Robyn markets this song perfectly. Does this sound sad? No, it sounds clubby and poppy and has a great beat. Is this song sad? Yeah, it’s terribly heartbreaking. But Robyn dances through it, staying strong even when she’s “in the corner, watching you kiss her”. She stays strong and doesn’t go sulking home, she keeps dancing on her own.

Other songs to check out but it’s getting kind of late and my eyes are drooping and I still need to shower so I’m not going to write that much………:

Don’t Save Me-HAIM
To all those haters who said my sisters and I couldn’t start a band because everyone hates all girl groups (which is such a stupid thing to hate, really), I introduce you to HAIM.

I Have Never Loved Someone-My Brightest Diamond

I love Take-Away Shows, I love the chatter in the background of this one, I love how simple and pretty this is. A sincere love song.

The Chain-Ingrid Michaelson

This song is more amazing live, and that’s saying something. (And I’m obsessed with anything Ingrid does).

These Days-Nico
I love this scene from The Royal Tenenbaums. There are just some songs that are perfect for soundtracks, and this is the most perfect movie/music scene ever filmed (in my opinion).



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One Response to She Listens: The Ladies I Wish I Could Sound Like Edition

  1. Awesome. says:

    Totes gonna put all these songs on the SPRING BREAK SHUFFLE.


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