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Hey y’all! Probably should have announced a slight blog break but…

It’s the summer of 2013! For me, that means working, watching my sister graduate, researching internships, and STUDYING ABROAD IN GREENWICH, UK. Watch out for the months of July and the beginning of August as I take to the streets and schools of Greenwich. I’m updating this baby as a travel blog. Until then, the first edition of Summer 2013 Links of the Week!

1. Apps You Should Know About- I just got smart phone. Hold the laughter and listen: I miss my old phone. I miss the ease of receiving picture messages when not hooked onto WIFI (is this just my problem?!?!), I miss just calling and texting, and I miss not feeling bad about seeing e-mails and Facebook comments wayyy later than expected. Smart phones are smart, but they’re also kind of annoying. Thanks technology. The one thing I do love about my smart phone is all of the amazing apps.

There are some great apps that work on your phone and synch to your computer: My Fitness Pal, Mint, and Todoist are three of my favorites! My Fitness Pal counts calories, keeps track of exercise, and has handy search functions to make adding meals and foods to your daily “diary” easy and fast. Mint helps with finances, you can input your bank information, bills, and any outstanding loan payments. Mint then gives you advice, alerts, and helps you keep track of how to stay on top of your money. And Todoist is exactly what it sounds like. You can input your day to day schedule and swipe away the event after it has happened. Todoist also allows users to make events weekly or monthly, so you can keep track of your favorite TV show schedule or a monthly book club meeting.

2. Buzzfeed Humor- One way to kill some time on the internet is to write a story or sign petitions. Another way is to read buzzfeed article after buzzfeed article. One of my favorites of the last week was “The 16 Most Outrageous Parental Content Advisories”. My sister and I laughed about Chicken Run for hours.

3. Writer’s Links- For all my aspiring writers, Writers Digest is the key to good advice and job openings. Somehow, I had never heard of it before this summer. Pretty silly, right? One of my favorite articles talks about things to do to get internships and jobs in the entertainment field. It’s highly useful and was a great read for me.

On a similar note, Writer Unboxed has a great wealth of information on the writing of fiction. I want to be a writer, it’s one of my biggest dreams, but I had no idea about how writers work and get paid until I read this article. And no advice is bad advice, especially the advice of literary agents!

And, on the topic of agents, pay, and publishing, Maureen Johnson has some pretty hilarious advice on how to write a query letter.

And, before you write your query letter, you need a couple drafts! Hellogiggles offered up some advice on how to get down your first draft and be okay with it. I need to take this advice!  I did use number 3, it only takes 25 minutes recently, and it is true. If you give yourself the time to write with no distractions, some pretty good things fill your pages.

4. Musical Downton Abbey- To end things on a fun note, here’s a musical spoof of the 1st episode of Series 4 directed by John Walton West for 54 Below. Spoilers ahead so only watch after you’ve finished Series 3.

Until next time!


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