This Is My Very First Post at The Young Folks!


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I started writing for The Young Folks! It seems like a lovely community of young, pop-culture obsessed writers and I am so excited to be on the team.

My first post had to do with one of my latest obsessions, The Office. I started watching The Office when the second season was airing, and I went back watched all of the first season to catch up. Then, I watched most of the second season. After that, I just kind of drifted away, only catching a couple of episodes on re-run. However, as the series closed, I was curious to what antics Jim and Pam had gotten into, what pranks had been pulled on Dwight, and how exactly the writers wrote Steve Carell off of the show. Thanks to Netflix I am well into the fourth season and loving every second of it. So much so that it inspired my first professional online post :)


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A site, written by a young woman, who believes that the two simplest pleasures in life are literature and music. A once-in-awhile look into a folk-loving, pop-culture obsessed, book nerd's mind.
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