Links of the Week

  1. This Late Night clip may be my favorite 8 minutes and 40 seconds of television. The song choices are hilarious, John Krasinski may be the first model of human perfection, and honestly, I never knew lip synching could be so funny. I’m super excited to see Jimmy Fallon take over Jay Leno’s seat. Fallon not only does quality skits, but has The Roots to back him up, and takes celebrity interviews one step further by doing interactive activities with them, like lip synching and dancing and creating soap operas.
  2. I love finding helpful and inspiring advice all around the internet. In a world full of “you’re never going to make it in a job you love” or “it’s too competitive a market to find a job right after college” it’s great to see someone doing what they love and asking others to do the same. Levo League is a platform for professional advice, tips, and tricks for the ladies of the business world. After stumbling across the articles on Pinterest, I have been inspired and prepared for little things in the world beyond college, like balancing funds and interview tips. Some of my favorite reads are listed below (especially useful for the college-aged ladies):
    Financial Tips and Tricks
    How and Why To Make Your “Golden Years” Every Year
    What to Put on Resumes to Sell Your Strongest Self
    Internship Tips!
  3. What’s Cooking America shares a Mexican recipe for delicious Watermelon Aqua Fresca. It seems like such a perfect recipe for summer and a great alternative to pop at a BBQ.
  4. Like many curious and entertainment-obsessed minds, I love finding little peeks into a celebrity’s life. Especially when it’s wedding related. So I had to share this list of 50 Celebrity First Dance Songs, found at
  5. I HAVE TO SHARE STUCK IN LOVE. All caps because I’m kind of freaking out about this movie, not because I’m shouting at you. But, I should be. Watch the Stuck in Love trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stuck in Love is directed and written by Josh Boone, the mastermind who is taking on The Fault in Our Stars for its big-screen adaptation. It seems expertly crafted, with a fresh storyline and a great perspective. It looks at family from a multitude of dimensions and goes beyond the family dynamic to look at love from different ages and eyes. Plus, it has a killer soundtrack, the main characters are a family of writers, and Logan Lerman is in the cast (you know, along with may other credible and big names). I’ll write a full review when I do more than watch the trailer 1000 times but if you live in a town with a movie theater, please go see it for me. It hits the screen some time around July 5th (sorry, I couldn’t find a reliable source in my quick google search, so we’re leaving it at some time around July 5th).

    Also, if you haven’t followed The Young Folks, you should do so! There’s some really great articles on movies, music, television, and new YA lit. And, I have the pleasure and honor of adding content every week. It’s been fun thus far and I’m learning so much :)


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