Music Monday

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Forgo the little line of text that says this post was published on a Tuesday. Just pretend with me that it was really 11:00 PM on a Monday night and not 12:00 AM on a Tuesday morning. Are we all pretending? Okay, good. HAPPY MUSIC MONDAY!

I love summer music. I also love understated, slow winter music. Like Bon Iver or Alexi Murdoch. I love fall music; Mumford & Sons just seems to go so well with walking on crunching leaves. Spring music is a combination of the two, a faster Noah & The Whale tune or Salinas” by Laura Marling. But summer music, summer music is a different story. For me, summer music is about rolling the windows down, listening and singing a bit too loud, feeling that nagging sense of nostalgia as you revisit an old favorite on their summer tour or toast marshmallows around a fire to an old mix CD. Summer music is loud, fun, light, and probably involves some sort of gang vocal or clapping sequence. Or, if all else fails, just a beat and a melody to dance to.

I was so excited to stumble upon a band with a great summer song. Twitter is a great resource for music, my friends. Stalk your favorite musicians, see what they’re listening to, odds are they’ve tweeted about it. That’s how I came upon Green River Ordinance. And this video:

Mandolin + Banjo + Acoustic Guitar = Recipe for SLSRSS favorite summer song

“It Ain’t Love” not only has a great melody, but a stomping beat, and a lovely, bonfire partying, dock singing, driving in the sun, fun summer video. The lyrics are honest and relatable and the sound brings back the feelings of my old favorite bands mixed with the songs and instruments of the new.

green-river-ordinanceGreen River Ordinance is releasing a new EP featuring “It Ain’t Love” on June 18th. Who’s ready for some more fun tunes? In the meantime, their last full length album is available on Noisetrade. You remember how much I love Noisetrade, right? Grab it up while you still can and tip if you feel so inclined. The same album is for sale on iTunes for $9.99, so it’s a steal (and the album is wonderful!) I’m looking forward to many more wonderful things for GRO, and I hope you all love and share the awesome music!


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