Try these Sweets if You’re Looking for a Tasty Treat in London

An ongoing list of the candy I have tried and loved. London and its sweet shops and bakeries are my downfall.

1. My absolute favorite treat is caramel shortbread.
ImageSo sweet with a salty, graham cracker like shortbread cookie base, these baked goodies are the perfect ending to any hearty British meal. Perfect with tea, coffee, a cold glass of milk, or hot chocolate, I dare you not to love them.

2. Mars Bars
ImageDo we have these lovelies in the states? If so, I need the exact location so I can buy them after my return. Most selling at 70p and under, Mars Bars are the perfect candy. Like a 3 Musketeer with a gooey topping of caramel, Mars Bars have it all.

3. Cadbury Chocolates
ImageEngland is all about the Cadbury, and not just the Cadbury Creme eggs they sell in America around Easter time. Cadbury has a range of sweets, from the oh-so delicious milk chocolate bar with an Oreo cream filling to the Double Decker chocolate bar with nougat and crunchies, you’re going to want to get a hand on some Cadbury.

4. Yum Yums
ImageYum Yums are a flaky pastry with a twist. A glazed croissant/doughnut hybrid, Yum Yums are a self-explanatory snack. Just try it with tea and tell me you’re not in love. I get mine from a local Greggs, which I’m guessing is like British fast food, homemade heaven. Selling Steak Pies, Cheese and Onion Bakes, and fresh doughnuts every day at really low prices.

5. Whippy Ice Cream with a Flake

ImageNot the consistency of the ice cream I’m used to but just as delicious, Whippy Ice Cream, also called the 99 Flake, is a soft, airy ice cream treat with a chocolate flake finger (also made by Cadbury) sticking out of the side. Can you say heaven on a hot London day? (Which we’ve been having a lot of…)

Be on the look out as I eat my weight in sugary confections and update this post! And if you are from the area and have a treat I should try, please leave a comment, your input is seriously appreciated.

*pictures from The Guardian, Greggs, and a lot of candy companies


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One Response to Try these Sweets if You’re Looking for a Tasty Treat in London

  1. Megen says:

    She listens She reads She eats! (Love your descriptions of the yummy treats!)

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