Fall Song of the Day: Explanation and Jake Bugg

jake buggI’m having the hunch that Jake Bugg is “the next big thing.” Okay, so he’s already a hit in Britian, but all of the coolest musicians are and have to “break” America. My local alternative radio station (shout-out CD 102.5) has been posting video after video of this lad. Some of my more musically-tuned-in peers have been dishing out recommendations on his behalf. Tumblr is all up on its Jake Bugg audio posts. The internet is screaming out that Bugg is the next alternative smash.

Like Lorde before him (who I totally missed the mark on and just started listening to) Jake Bugg is a talented youngster. Just 19 years of age, Bugg has that 60’s vibe down-pat. His lyrics are masterpieces as well as his playing and vocal talent. Take a listen below on my Fall Song of the Day: “Fallin'”.

Now to introduce this feature. Fall Song of the Day is going to be a sporadic post of the songs that keep me company on my orange and gold leafy walks to class. Sure, I’m sans iPod or MP3 player at this time (my iPod took a turn for the worst this summer) but I hum and sing the songs in my mind on my walks to class. It works…

Fall songs are as warm and comforting as a steamy pumpkin spice latte. They’re crisp, true, and feature well-thought out lyrics and precise music. No more “Blurred Lines;” it was such a summer song with that catchy beat and horrible message. Plus, I’m so over Robin Thicke, anyway. Fall tunes are more like a Bon Iver song, they feel like someone wearing a plaid flannel, ready to wrap you up in a warm hug and hand you a mug of steaming hot coffee. That’s a fall song! And that’s what I’ll be featuring! Maybe when I get some money I’ll even download them all and make an 8tracks playlist. Watch out people, crazy ideas are brewing like hot apple cider in here!



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2 Responses to Fall Song of the Day: Explanation and Jake Bugg

  1. Mamma says:

    Love this, his voice has a hint of a young Bob Dylan!!!! :)

  2. Seestor 2 says:

    GoOd JoB, MiChAeLa!

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